Mustang Maxx

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With one of the broadest labels on the market and enhanced pyrethroid chemistry, Mustang Maxx insecticide controls more than 100 pests on 200 crops including corn, soybeans, alfalfa, rice, wheat, sunflowers and pasture. 

Mustang Maxx insecticide delivers proven, long-lasting control of the widest range of insects for healthier crops and higher yields. Mustang Maxx insecticide works on contact and via ingestion to provide a quick knockdown of the toughest pests and keeps them away with residual pyrethroid repellency. Tough beetles, weevils and borers are no match for its fast-acting mode of action.

Mustang Maxx insecticide can be applied before, during or after planting. It also makes a great tank-mix partner with other products.

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